Representing the stockholders of FICOBank is the Board of Directors, which is composed of dynamic men and women. As they are accountable to the shareholders and other stakeholders, the members of the Board are committed in ensuring that the Bank is governed and managed in a safe and sound manner, with an appropriate balance between its financial performance and the fulfillment of its public purpose.

In the context of its vital financial intermediation role in the local and national economy, with an imposing corporate mission, FICOBank is grateful of having members of its Board who maintain a high degree of accord to corporate governance. In principle and in practice, they undertake every effort necessary to ensure the attainment of the Bank’s institutional pursuits with integrity, transparency, accountability, prudence and appropriate control—the fundamental underpinnings of an impeccable corporate governance. With their continuous adherence to sound and effective corporate governance in banking, FICOBank is able to enhance its franchise value and competitive edge, as it faces intense competition in the financial market.

The Board views corporate governance as a vital component of what constitutes sound strategic business management. As such, the Board of Directors makes sure that the Bank maintains an internal environment upon which the highest standards of ethical business conduct are being exemplified by its directors, officers and staff.

FICOBank was able to achieve its present status, as the best-performing and multi-awarded cooperative bank in the Philippines, because of the direction, innovations, policies and decisions made by the Board of Directors. Through the second-to-none support and one-of-a-kind guidance provided by the Board to the Senior Management, the Bank is immensely benefiting from the latter’s best efforts, fine performances and great contributions to the realization of its goals, objectives and targets.

The Bank is so fortunate to have them as directors. And they are likewise pleased and proud to be FICOBankers.





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Inter-Branch Deposit Online Money Transfer Western Union Money Transfer GCash Money Transfer Project i2i
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