Get what you need the soonest possible time without affecting your budget. FICOBank’s Multi-Purpose Loan is a better financing option for income-generating activities/projects, land acquisition/improvements, house construction/renovation, vehicle acquisition/repair, furniture and fixtures, appliances and gadgets, debt consolidation, placement fee, educational/medical/travel/wedding expenses and other personal consumption expenditures.

This loan product has the following salient features:

  • Can be accessed by any person (natural or juridical) with visible means of income and capacity to pay;

  • Loan amount is from Php50,000.00 up to Php50,000,000.00;

  • Loan term is from three (3) months up to five (5) years;

  • Payment may either be installment (up to five [5] years) or lump sum (up to one [1] year);

  • Loan is secured by Real Estate Mortgage (REM); and

  • Interest rate on loan is comparatively low.

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